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Global SCLM

About Global SCLM

History of the program

In 2016, the Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management program was created. Every year after then, 45 talented students have joined the program representing the three universities. Throughtout the program, students’ knowledge are cultivated within supply chains, logistics and related theoretical foundations to create value in the global economy . The program develops conceptual thinking, strategic perspective, quantitative focus and analytical acumen, combined with multicultural understanding through a tri-continental learning experience. The program aims to create cohorts of successful leaders who, through developing, communicating, and implementing innovative solutions will improve world integration.

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Academic Content

Copenhagen Business School, Handelshøjskolen

The first exchange semester of the program, the students will experience CBS. The students will follow courses in Supply Chain Risk Management and Logistic Clusters.



On top of the courses, the students will compete in the GSCLM case competition, go on a study trip to Hamburg, and have sessions with industry experts.

The University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business

The second exchange semester of the program, the students will stay at UBC. Here, Supply Chain Management and Data Visualization and Business Analytics will be taught.



At UBC, students have the opportunity to go on company visits, participate in case workshops, and visit the local Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

The final exchange semester, the students study at CUHK, Shenzhen. Here students will be educated in Regional Issues in Supply Chain and Logistics Management and Manageing Innovation in China.



In Shenzhen, students experience visits to large container ports, study trips to Hong Kong, and a peak into major production facilities.

Worldwide Network, Friends for Life

Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management is not only a study program. It is a community. You will follow courses with 44 other students of vastly different backgrounds for 16 months. You will face the same challenges and share wonderful adventures. Not only during the program but also when it ends. To the program follows a alumni network that organizes activities, share job opportunities, and support each other.
Christian Eilertsen
Captain, Cohort VI


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