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Global SCLM


3 universities, 3 ways

Every year 15 students are selected from each participating university to form a cohort of 45 students. 

Each university handles its own application process. Below you can read about the specific processes of each university.

At CBS students pursuing a B.Sc. In International Shipping and Trade and BSc. In International Business can apply for joining the program. During their first semester, they will receive more information on the program and the application process. The deadline is in January. The application consists of a motivational essay, CV, grade transcripts from high school and CBS, and a letter of recommendation. The applications will be evaluated by the program manager, CBS program responsible, and Global Alumni representatives. Selected applicants will hereafter be invited to an interview.


Read about the B.Sc. here:

B.Sc. in International Shipping and Trade

B.Sc. in International Business 


You can also read about the program on CBS’ website:

Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management at CBS

Entry to the Global Supply Chain & Logistics Management specialization is limited to students in Year 3 only.


Applicants are asked to submit an online application during the first week of December that consists of a resume and long-answer explaining your interest in the program and field of study. If necessary, shortlist applicants may be asked to submit a video interview further explaining their interest in the program and relevant involvement / leadership experience. Furthermore, applicants must meet the requirements for eligibility for exchange and have completed COMM 204 in Year 2 or in the summer after Year 2 at the latest.


Read about Go Global requirements for exchange here:

Eligibility: Exchange, Research + Study Abroad

At CUHK-SZ, the program is open to all School of Management and Economics students choosing their major at the end of the second term of their first year. The Global SCLM application process consists of two major parts – online application and interview. Students will submit major declarations in the school system before the final week (early May). Shortly after the term ends, applicants will have an interview with professors who teach the major core courses (late May). Applicants will be evaluated based on their interview and GPA for the first two terms. Nominated students will receive the major offer after their second-term grades are released.


Read about the program on CUHK’s website: 

Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management Program